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Compliance &
Risk Management

The standard rules of business don’t stop when it comes to sustainability and corporate responsibility. At Winsome & Friends, we help clients to manage risk and unlock value by engaging effectively with governments, regulators, and other external stakeholders.

Regulation and compliance can put value at risk, but it also creates new opportunities and unlocks new growth levers. A rigorous, quantified assessment of the value at stake from these risks and opportunities, both the short and the long term, is critical to prioritize an organization's regulatory efforts.

We help our clients quickly anticipate, identify, and understand the key regulatory issues that may affect their industries, leveraging an in-depth understanding of industry profit pools, as well as unique insights into the levers that governments and regulators might consider implementing in their sectors.

Winsome & Friends will help raise your profile of the corporate affairs function so that it is commensurate with its real importance and safeguard your business.

Finance &

Finance and ROI are essential factors in any business decision - this is why our approach to any project is both financially and sustainably viable.

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Strategy &

Winsome & Friends will unleash the full potential of your sustainability strategy - both in theory and practice.

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Marketing & Communication

We work with our clients to define and prioritize the best messages for the various stakeholders using the optimal mix of today’s wide variety of media types.

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