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Sustainable Products

Our trading strategy integrates sustainable development objectives at all levels and our suppliers are strategically selected according to our Sustainable Footprint Model.

In order for a company to be able to finance itself on the capital market, investors demand that the companies and the production of their products are sustainably produced. Nevertheless, in order to buy a company's products, consumers also demand that they have acted responsibly.

We actually mean that the ticket to play is to control one's risks and the value chain, but also taking social and environmental responsibility. That's why impact and influence lies in the product!


We carefully anlayse your needs and make an assessment to find which initiatives and options will make the biggest positive difference or shrink a neagtive impact the most.

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Strategy &

Winsome & Friends will unleash the full potential of your sustainability strategy - both in theory and practice.

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We make it clear to everyone in the value-chain which points are relevant. We steer towards both sustainability and economy. This is one of the most important actions in our Sustainable Footprint model.

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