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At Winsome & Friends, we work side by side with our clients to help their companies create unprecedented value and create competitive advantages through a unique strategic approach combining complex investments, corporate finance and sustainability.

Winsome & Friends starting point is to make an accurate analysis of how we can together develop and improve your business.

We carefully analyze your needs and make an assessment to find out which initiatives and options will make the biggest positive difference or shrink a negative impact the most. 

We see the client as a partner, which we involve already in the analysis phase. In this way, we can share experiences and knowledge which leads to a shorter start up period and does it easier when the client are going to execute and implement the strategy or project. Our specialists make clear the prerequisites on potential suppliers so that they are following Winsome & Friends guidelines and taking social responsibility for the people involved.

Already in the analysis of a project Winsome & Friends will show you how to use your sustainability initiative as a strategic weapon.

Strategy &

Winsome & Friends will unleash the full potential of your sustainability strategy - both in theory and practice.

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Sustainable Products

We help our clients take an integrated approach to compliance and address regulatory mandates, simultaneously creating business value.

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We make it clear to everyone in the value-chain which points are relevant. We steer towards both sustainability and economy. This is one of the most important actions in our Sustainable Footprint model.

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