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Finance & Investments

At Winsome & Friends, we work side by side with our clients to help their companies create unprecedented value and create competitive advantages through a unique strategic approach combining complex investments corporate finance and sustainability.

Winsome & Friends will help you leverage your sustainability initiative financially using our many years of experience from the banking and funding sector. We take an integrated view that links responsible investments and sustainability strategy to create value as well as impact. We help clients manage their stakeholder relations and effectively secure funding for sustainability transformation. 

Winsome & Friends will show you how to use your sustainability initiative as a strategic weapon, and how to develop your story to communicate effectively with investors, governmental organizations and capital funds. We understand what drives shareholders, board members, and executive committees. 

We will use this understanding to create and lead a world-class sustainability initiative that creates shareholder value and competitiveness by uniting strategy, business planning, resource allocation as well as performance management.

Strategy &

Winsome & Friends will unleash the full potential of your sustainability strategy - both in theory and practice.

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Compliance &
Risk Management

We help our clients take an integrated approach to compliance and address regulatory mandates, simultaneously creating business value.

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Marketing & Communication

We work with our clients to define and prioritize the best messages for the various stakeholders using the optimal mix of today’s wide variety of media types.

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