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Strategy & Implementation

At Winsome & Friends, we help both private and public-sector companies embed sustainability in the core of their strategy, operations and culture to make sustainability a source of ongoing and increasing value.

We live in an age of transparency. Successful companies understand that reputation is no longer about spin; it's who you really are. They engage radically with society because there's significant value at stake. In fact, the long-term financial performance and sustainability of companies are connected with how successfully they truly integrate with society.

Based on the analyzes made, Winsome helps you to build the strategy for a profitable and sustainable business. However, no strategy is better than the ability to successfully execute and implement it.

Winsome & Friends assist you to implement and manage the actions in complex and long-term projects. During this step, a tailor-made management team handles the implementation. We are always putting together an experienced team that has done similar projects before. Our overall goal is always as soon as possible returning the leadership to a domestic management team.


We carefully analyze your needs and make an assessment to find which initiatives and options will make the biggest positive difference or shrink a neagtive impact the most.

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Sustainable Products

Our trading strategy integrates sustainable development objectives at all levels and our suppliers are strategically selected according to our Sustainable Footprint Model.

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We make it clear to everyone in the value-chain which points are relevant. We steer towards both sustainability and economy. This is one of the most important actions in our Sustainable Footprint model.

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