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Strategy & Implementation

At Winsome & Friends, we help both private and public-sector companies embed sustainability in the core of their strategy, operations and culture to make sustainability a source of ongoing and increasing value.

We live in an age of transparency. Successful companies understand that reputation is no longer about spin; it's who you really are. They engage radically with society because there's significant value at stake. In fact, the long-term financial performance and sustainability of companies are intrinsically connected with how successfully they truly integrate with society.

Sustainability Strategy and Operations is critical to capitalize on opportunities for transformation and growth. But that can only happen when an organization is aligned on its strategic intent – when it has integrated a set of coordinated actions across departments, from upper management to front-line employees. Because it is not about creating strategic documents, but strategic organizations.

Through a blend of analysis, facilitation, and testing, we help some of the world’s most ambitious organizations make and implement strategic choices that have a lasting sustainable and commercial impact.

Finance &

Finance and ROI are essential factors in any business decision - this is why our approach to any project is both financially and sustainably viable.

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Compliance &
Risk Management

We help our clients take an integrated approach to compliance and address regulatory mandates, simultaneously creating business value.

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Marketing & Communication

We work with our clients to define and prioritize the best messages for the various stakeholders using the optimal mix of today’s wide variety of media types.

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