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Preserving the beauty, updating outdated values

Castello di Postignano is an historic medieval fortified hamlet, located in Valnerina in the heart of Umbria, that had languished abandoned for decades. A passionate and dedicated team has given it a new lease of life, as multi-building hotel, implementing this remarkable restoration project paying meticulous attention to every single detail. The owners envisioned this hamlet as a pioneer within the sustainable hotel sector, and consulted Winsome & Friends in order to bring this vision to life. 


A Sustainable Tourism Hub at Postignano is being developed, that will inspire a dialog that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the tourism industry, the environment and host communities.

During our analysis of desired implementation, several key factors was taken into regard. 


  • A summary of the content, its main purpose and relationship to other relevant plans

  • . How Postignano could benefit from attracting sustainable awards and certifications 

  • An overview on how sustainably operated the property is today and how to utilise energy & waste

  • An identification, description and assessment of reasonable alternatives with regard to the purpose

  • Identifying and negotiating with potential experienced consultants for an in-depth study and implementation plan for Castello di Postignano


Taking responsibility within tourism will inspire others to do so as well, not only because of the competitive advantage, but the incredible possibility to combine sustainability with prosperous finances.

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