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The Italian shipping legacy Caronte & Tourist Group has turned traditional strategic thinking upside down to overcome challenges in an immature industry and to pave the way for a sustainable shipping industry.

Our Managing Partner, Helena, began to work for the legendary shipping owner Elio Matacena already in 2005, as a technical director of his own RnD company. She says “I remember strongly how he (Elio) told me that -No is not an answer, first you investigate then you come back and tell me how it is done!

‍Now his grandson Lorenzo Matacena together with his partner Franza has develop Caronte & Tourist and has over 5 000 000 passenger a year in south of Italy. Following his grandfathers footsteps and not taking no for an answer Lorenzo ordered the first LNG-powered ferry to sail the Mediterranean. This even before any available distribution of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) in Italy. SuitablyLorenzo named the flagship of the Caronte & Tourist Group “ELIO”.

Winsome & Friends helped during the autumn of 2018 with the Sicilian permitting procedure and collaboration with European projects as well as national and local consultants (CSMare, Consorzio 906, Ing. Barone just to mention a few). Winsome & Friends furthermore set up a strategical supply chain for Liquid Biomethane as well as a communication plan according to the Winsome methodology.

The first LNG-powered ferry to sail the

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